Tempod® Bluetooth Series

Increasing temperature excursion accidents occurred during logistics caused huge losses to companies from life science, food and chemical industries, deploying temperature monitoring devices within shipment already becomes mandatory for a qualified temperature controlled supply chain, but traditional temperature monitoring devices require programming , downloading data logger using controlled computers which are sometimes not at the same locations of departure or arrival depots, so shipping timeliness are frequently influenced due to operations involving dataloggers, not to mention downloading or checking temperature in mid-way will seriously breach temperature protection of package and compromise quality of your valuable goods.

TempSen’s brand new Tempod Bluetooth temperature data logger series employs Bluetooth Low Energy technology, it brings customers the unparalleled advantages to remotely access data logger through wireless connection, customers could program, download, start and stop data logger outside of the package with few finger-taps on your mobile device, and then your goods will be under the thorough monitoring across transportation.

You could easily download temperature data through USB connection either, no worries about installing software, Tempod data logger would automatically create encrypted PDF report which includes recording statistics i.e. Max, Min, MKT, alarms results including five alarm ranges, graph and event tabular data(optional), you won’t miss any important information about your shipment, furthermore, raw data embedded in PDF report could be extracted after uploaded to TempSen Cloud for online data management and global accesses. LCD on Tempod data loggers also provides running and alarm status, remaining battery and statistics, you will be fully aware of what happened to your valuable goods at the first second you have the logger. With Tempod data loggers, you will have complete visibility of your shipments and your temperature controlled supply chain will be completely covered.


Tempod 20B
Tempod 50XB
Tempod 100XB
Tempod 200XB